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The SURE Project at Youngstown State University

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) engaged 8 undergraduate students from Mathematics and Biology in collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects for each of the last two summers.  The students completed projects, gave oral presentations and submitted written reports.  Each project had both a math and a biology component.  The goals of this program were to provide undergraduate research experiences to students that involved collaborations between Mathematics and Biology.  This project was made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DUE 0337558), and their support is gratefully acknowledged.  The students and their project titles are given below:

The SURE -2005 participants and project titles:

Nikki Casacchia (math major) and Erin Pfeil (biology major) - 'Statistical Analysis of Course Woody Debris in Zoar Valley, New York.'  Faculty mentors, Tom Diggins and Jay Kerns.

Tom Cochran (math major) and Ashley Yager (biology major) - 'Mechanisms that Regulate Relaxation Pathways in Aortic Smooth Muscle.'  Faculty mentors, Bob Leipheimer, Jim Toepfer and George Yates.

Jeff Cornfield (math major) and Sarah Eskay (biology major) - 'An Examination of the Water Quality of Cattaraugus Creek, New York.'  Faculty mentors, Carl Johnston and Tom Smotzer.

Dave Gohlke (math/physics major) and Dave Martin (biology/math major) - 'Modeling Selenite Resistance of Bacteria by Growth Curve Analysis.'  Faculty mentors, Jon Cajuiat and George Yates.

SURE students attending and making presentations at MathFest 2005. Annual Summer Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA),  Albuquerque, New Mexico, August 4-6, 2005.


Title of Presentation

Nicole Casacchia

'Statistical Analysis of Downed Trees in a Riparian Valley'
Awarded:  Best mathematical modeling presentation from SIAM (the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics).   Presentation picture.

Thomas Cochran

'Math with Muscle

David Gohlke

'Modeling Bacterial Growth in the Presence of Toxins'
Received an outstanding presentation award from Pi Mu Epsilon.

SURE student presentations at the Thirty-Second Annual Pi Mu Epsilon Student Conference, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, September 30 - October 1, 2005.


Title of Presentation

Nicole Casacchia

'Statistical Analysis of Coarse Woody Debris in Zoar Valley, New York'

David Gohlke

'Modeling Bacterial Growth in the Presence of Toxins'

Ashley Yager 

'Analysis of Muscle Relaxation Curves'

The SURE -2004 participants and project titles:

Melissa Marshall (math major) and Danielle Jack (math minor)- 'Heavy Metal Depositions in Mahoning River Sediment - Above and Below Dams.'  Faculty mentors, Carl Johnston and George Yates.

Stephen Dinda (math major) and Catherine Bolan (biology major) - 'Impact of Dams on Insects within a Disturbed Riparian Ecosystem.'  Faculty mentors, Tom Smotzer and Courtenay Willis.

Joseph Kolenick (math major)  and William Fairchild (biology major) - 'Forest Growth and Succession in the Zoar Valley.'  Faculty mentors, Tom Diggins and Andy Chang.

Theodore Stadnik (math major) and Jeremy Riehm (biology major) - 'Proteomic Analysis of Secreted Wangiella dermatitidis Enzyme Proteins at 24C and at 37C.'  Faculty mentors, George Yates and Chet Cooper.   MathFest 2004 award winning presentation.