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George Yates

The SURE Project at Youngstown State University

Presentations at the Thirty-Second Annual Pi Mu Epsilon Student Conference,
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, September 30 - October 1, 2005.      

Statistical Analysis of Coarse Woody Debris in Zoar Valley, New York

Nicole Casacchia
Youngstown State University

It is hypothesized that downed trees in a protected river valley fall with random orientation. Data collected for the downed coarse woody debris (CWD) in Zoar Valley, New York included volume, orientation from North, decay class, and tree species. Various statistical tests, including the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test, were conducted to evaluate orientation uniformity and to test the hypothesis.

Modeling Bacterial Growth in the Presence of Toxins

David Gohlke
Youngstown State University

Some strains of bacteria have the ability to survive in environments in which other strains would not, which makes them important to study.  For example, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is able to grow in the presence of the toxin selenite.  This presentation will discuss various models for the growth curves of bacteria in the presence and absence of toxins.  This research was undertaken during the SURE program at Youngstown State University, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. 

Analysis of Muscle Relaxation Curves

Ashley Yager
Youngstown State University

Smooth muscles are found throughout our bodies and are extremely important in many physiological functions including the regulation of blood flow in arteries and veins.  This talk will discuss some mathematical analysis of smooth muscle relaxation curves.  The data and analysis was performed during a bio-mathematics summer research program and Youngstown State University sponsored by the National Science Foundation.